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Karan Chemicals

Established in 1991, Karan Chemicals – an Authorized Dealer of Grasim Industries Limited, is a Forward-looking Company Based in Jetpur Gujarat, India, Which is an Epicentre of Biggest Cotton Textile Printing Hub.

Back in 1991, Mr. Samir Dhruv & Mr. Manish Dhruv, Founder of Karan Chemicals, Unleashed the Capabilities of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals to Drive Results and Started Providing High-quality Chemicals. Currently, Drives the Strategic Vision, Product, and Growth of the Company.

Karan Chemicals is a Flagship Firm Which is One of the Leading Trading House in Gujarat Dealing in Chlor-akali Products Such as Caustic Soda Lye, Caustic Soda Flakes, Chlorine, Hcl, Hypo Etc. And Other Products.

With Rich Experience of Over 3 & More Decades in Chemical Trading and Distribution is run by Dynamic Entrepreneurs Mr. Samir Dhruv, Mr. Manish Dhruv, Mr. Prem Dhruv, Mr. Karan Dhruv.


Mission &Vision


To satisfy customer’s need, deliver them the best services and to build a prosperous business.


To be a prominent leader in the chemical distribution industry and to be known for our highest ethical standards and values.

Karan Chemicals

Management Team

Mr. Samir Dhruv


Mr. Manish Dhruv


Mr. Prem Dhruv


Mr. Karan Dhruv


Karan Chemicals